Pro Logic II settings?

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  1. Sacha_C

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    Jan 13, 2003
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    I think people on this board said you could adjust settings in PL II. What are they settings and how do you access them on a Sony DE985?

    I can't seem to find these settings.

  2. BruceLongee

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    Jan 3, 2003
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    There are three parameters that you could conceivably change - Center Width, Panorama, and Dimension. I've excerpted a description from this Dolby web page:
    In Music mode, most systems also include three new controls to fine-tune the soundfield. Center Width allows you to gradually spread the center channel sound into the front left and right speakers. At its widest setting, all the sound from the center is mixed into the left and right. This control may help achieve a more spacious sound or a better blend of the front image.
    Panorama wraps the sound of the front left and right speakers around you for an exciting perspective. There's also Dimension, which adjusts the front/back balance to suit your taste.

    Unfortunately, the 985 doesn't give you the option to tweak these settings.

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