pro gamers get $1mil contract; claw move?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by EricW, Jun 23, 2006.

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    could someone tell me what the "claw" move is?

    Halo 2 Players Signed To Professional League
    On Wednesday June 21, 2006, the first professional video game league,
    Major League Gaming (MLG), announced it signed Final Boss, the top four
    person Halo 2 team in the world. Final Boss was signed to a $1 million
    contract; the MLG also signed player TSquared to a $250 thousand contract.
    To date these are the largest deals a video game team has ever received,
    and the first time a team has been offered a multi-year contract to one

    MLG has also signed Red Bull as the leagues official drink. Red Bull is a
    long time supporter of Final Boss, and MLG is using this fact to create a
    contract with Red Bull. They hope that by teaming with Red Bull, the
    brand name will help bring video game leagues more into the mainstream.

    Team Final Boss has won national championships in both 2004 and 2005; they
    are undefeated so far this year. The team is known for being very
    adaptable, and being able to beat other teams even in areas they are most
    comfortable in. The team is made up of four players. David Walsh is the
    leader, he is most known for inventing the Claw move which is now used
    by Halo 2 players worldwide. The team also has twins Thomas and Daniel
    Ryan who are known for guessing each others moves, and Ryan Danford who is
    known for being a quiet but strong competitor.

    TSquared is the nickname of Tom Taylor, who at 19 began his own company to
    give gamers lessons. He is also the leader of Str8 Rippin, the only team
    to beat Final Boss in 2005. He lists many young entrepreneurs and
    celebrities as his idols, and his been the subject of an MTV documentary.

    MLG has also begun managing 30 other professionals and hopes to continue
    singing young talent. The goal of MLG is to use young gaming stars to
    promote gaming and to bring the popularity of gaming more into the
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    My guess is that is a version of the common Pincer Movement maneuver. (claw/pincer.... makes sense to me).

    Just a guess.
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    I always thought it was a way to hold the controller for easier gameplay? im sure it takes alot of practice.
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    The Claw = new street name for Soon To Be Leading Cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [​IMG]
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    Aaron Silverman
    Anyone watch the premiere TV coverage of Major League Gaming last Saturday? It was OK. I'm glad they didn't aim it entirely at EXTREME GAMRZ!, but the coverage of actual gameplay and the commentary could have been a little better.

    It appears that there are over 100 teams in each event, but the same 2 or 3 of them get to the end every time. I wonder if they'll be able to keep that interesting.

    I find it curious that these top players all hunch over little 20" TV sets. Is there any real advantage to that over using a larger set?

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