Prisoner of War (XBOX)

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  1. RayKk

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    May 4, 2002
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    Just picked up POW for xbox and for those interested in my first thoughts, the graphics are so so the software is not taking full advantage of the xbox, the game play is definitely not for kids, control of your character takes getting used to.
    Alot of thinking and strategies have to go into this game and I like it.
    Its not a shootem up like you would think.
    This game will immerse a strategy mined adult, the artificial inteligance is very good.
    This game is not for everybody and dont expect an easy learning curve, you must put your mind in to the state that you are really in a prisoner of war camp and you wont believe the ideas and plots you can come up with and take it from there (this game will actually let you do that)
    If you like heavy strategy and thinking, this game is for you.
    The best thing about POW is that your kids wont come near you when your playing.
  2. James Zos

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    Jan 7, 2002
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    Nice to see your mini-review. The game has gotten some pretty harsh write-ups, here and elsewhere. I might rent it at some point I suppose.

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