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Price Cuts - When? (1 Viewer)

Colin Davidson

Second Unit
Jan 6, 1999
According to VideoTropic "The Last Starfighter - Collectors Edition" is supposed to go from $34.98 to $19.95 on 4/1. I could never justify the $34.98 price for the movie and while I still think that $19.95 is a bit overpriced for this I will finally bite the bullet and purchase it.

Does anyone know when the B&M's mark their titles down?

Or is it a "suggested" reduction and they are under no obligation to reduce the price?

Thanks for any info.

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
All reductions are "suggested" to a point. However, in most cases the big retailers receive "price protection", which is a way of saying that they get a credit for the difference (Inventory-On-Hand x Wholesale-Cost-Reduction-Amount).

So stores receiving the Price Protection MUST, of course, take the reduction. Anyone who bought direct can apply, I believe. Bought through a wholesaler? You're probably on your own. I'm not sure, though.

As far as timing goes, most do it the Sunday prior to the Tuesday "street date". That's cool with the manufacturers, too. Others just do it "when they get around to it", which is often up to a week or two later. Often the change is effective in the register, even when staff is too busy/lazy to get around to switching the pricetags.

At one store I worked at the rule was "markups first, then markdowns", an understandable policy. :)

I hope that helps. I got that one for Christmas one year, or else I would be jumping on it too!

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