Press Update on HALLOWEEN 8 BAD NEWS!!!!!!

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    BAd News from the office of Moustrapha Akkad, Halloween 8 has been postponed till Summer of 2002. I dont know if they are just saying this to suprise people. But Halloweenmovies website has stated that Akkads office has said that the Halloween release date might be summer of 2002. So people,start petitioning Dimention Film to get the movies release before October 31. Bye ALL.
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    A. this belongs in the MOVIES section.
    B. How is this bad news? Why should they rush through production just so you can see it sooner. Wild Wild West had a year shaved off its production and is generally considered one of the worst films of all time.
    Halloween H20 was similarly rushed through post productiona dn suffered. They didn't even finish the musical score and just inserted music from 'Scream' to fill in the gaps.
    Let them take the time to do it right, even if it does mean further ignoring the established plot lines like the last one did.
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    Actually, John Ottman did finish the "Halloween H20" score. It's just that the execs at Dimension (Bob/Harvey Weinstein) didn't like it and thought it wasn't loud enough, so they used the temp track (Scream by Marco Beltrami) and had Beltrami come in and write some additional cues to make the score sound seamless (which it is not).
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