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    my sister and i are looking to get my father a present in the next month, and we have decided to help him upgrade his audio equipment. right now he has:

    old technics prologic 4-channel receiver

    old optimus bookshelf speakers for fronts

    even older optimus surrounds

    a sub with speaker level inputs

    my sister and i can only scratch together at most 400 dollars, so im sort of undecided at what we should do.

    ideally i would like to be able to find the kenwood HTB-504 for 400 dollars on sale somewhere, but i cant count on that happening, so i need to have a backup plan.

    right now my backup plan is just to get a DD/dts reciever and a center channel speaker. i was thinking about getting the technics SA-DX950 or 1050. they are being discontinued, so i think if i check out local stores around here i should be able to get a good deal on one. im not sure about a center channel, but it cant be higher than 5 and 7/8th inches. one other thing i have looked at so far is the jbl trio135, which is two small bookshelf speakers and a center channel one for about 150 dollars.

    if anyone has any input on where to get a good deal on the HTB-504 or input on where to spend the money id really appreciate it...
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    Another option would be to get a really good receiver. Then let your dad spring for the center channel speaker. I would suggest the outlaw 1050. It is sold via their web site for $499. Which is a $100 more than you wanted but for this value the extra $100 is worth it.

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