Preliminary thoughts on Pearl Harbor - BR

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Neil Joseph, Dec 19, 2006.

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    Neil Joseph
    I picked up Pearl Harbor (BR) today. It is a BR 50 (dual layered) disk with pcm 5.1 audio in English, as well as DD5.1. The video codec used is mpeg2.

    When the disk is popped into the player, in my case a panasonic dmp-bd10, a showcase of Buena Vista movies plays followed by the usual and tiresome "pirated dvd's" commercial. The movie plays automatically with the option of going into the menus. The default audio is DD5.1.

    The first thing I noticed is that the DD5.1 is recorded very slightly louder than the pcm 5.1. The image quality is pretty darned good and I would equate it to about the same quality as Fantastic 4. The detail is good and I did not notice any noise so the image is clean. I did notice some scenes has a slight softness but it was only a few scenes and the softness only slight, so it did not distract.

    The audio.....

    Whew!! All of the soundtracks were phenominal in my case.. DD5.1 in English and French and pcm5.1 in English. As mentioned, the DD5.1 is a bit louder than the pcm soundtrack but when I brought up the level of the pcm to match. This was one very aggressive soundtrack which comes as no surprise and the pcm is the one I watched most of the film in. There was so much effects noise from all the channels. I watched this while at the same time waiting for my kids to come home from school and there were effects from the surrounds that had me questioning if they (my kids) had arrived in the room behind the HT.

    I will do a more thourough analysis tonight if I get the time.
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    too bad with all the space on this it couldnt have included the long cut too.

    any idea on what features are, compared to the long special editionm
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    Back in the day, this film gather a lot of heated discussion on this board and was almost universally panned included by yours truely. However, years after it's release, I decided to purchase this BRD to reevaluate my initial criticism of the film due to its historical missteps as well as see if the terrific visuals I remember of it will translate well in a high def. format.


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