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Preliminary amature review of DPLIIx on a RXV-1400 (1 Viewer)


Apr 21, 2003
Hi everyone. Well after 8 months of remodling my integrated family room/home theater is finally done. I should have a digital camera in about a month so I'll post pics then. My set up is:

Reciever: Yamaha rxv-1400
Sub: Cheap KLH 10" 100 w (but a lot of bang for the buck)
Front L+R: JBL ND10II
Center: JBL N-Center II
Surround: 4 JBL N24AWII for a 7.1 set up

First of all I do not consider myself an "audiofile" or anything like that. I am just a guy that really enjoys home theater and surround sound. I have had my system in place and operational only since about a week befor christmas, so I have had the time to really contrast and compare two many dvd's on it. However, I would like to give you a little review of my impressions on DPLIIx so far. While watching two channel sources the addition of the two back speakers in DPLIIx Movie mode works very well. I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcers stone on HBO (Broadcast in Stereo) the other night and the use of all 4 of the surround channels was almost seemless. While watching some of the extras on X-men 2 last night (In DD 2CH) some of the effects when changing menu's had pieces of metal flying at you and the sounds acually went behind me only (like you would expect from a DD ex or DTS 6.1 track). Now on to what impressed me most. I played the x-men 2 DVD in DTS 5.1 and turned on my recievers DPLIIx movie mode. The movie, in my opinion, has great sound. They used the surround channels quite a bit. With DPLIIx movie mode on it sounded like I had the first ever DVD produced with a 7.1 Discrete format. It was very impressive. Each of the 4 surrounds were used independantly when a scene called for it. Well, there you have it. An amature's short review of DPLIIx on an RXV-1400. If you have any questions I would be happy to try and answer them.


Jerome Grate

Senior HTF Member
May 23, 1999
It's posts like these that edging me to update my receiver. Thanks for the review, now I just need a reason to upgrade that's justified in my wife's opinion.

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