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    I just did a preliminary layout in Visio to get an idea of what I am working with.
    My HT will be on the 3rd floor(An unfinished attic.) The ceilling is 8ft and although there is a pitched room, I have 7' 2" of true horizontal space to work with before the pitch takes over.
    The dimensions are 16' x 22'. My intention was to have the screen hung from the ceiling. being that I'm only working with 7ft, how will that work if I plan on getting a screen for viewing 16:9 mostly? Can someone recommend the optimal screen size for viewing in this setup?
    Here are my rough layouts. The first page shows the wall where the screen will be hanging. It will be in front of the single window.
    The second page shows the proposed layout from above. I have some 16:9 dimensions on there.. but I think they are WAY off.
    Thanks for the feedback and not minding the all the questions from the newbie
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    Neil Joseph
    I think you have the right idea. The limiting factor is the 7'4" of ceiling before the pitch. I supposed you could get a little wider if you lower the screen.

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