Predator DTS - Anyone else now having problems with this?

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    When I first picked up this title, I watched it and everything seemed O.K., and this was back in Janurary.
    Some friends came over on Tuesday (weekly movie day), and we all decided to pull out Predator. Around the beginning chapter 6, when Dutch is crawling into the commando camp, it just locked up.
    We tried starting the chapter over, and it locked up again. I took out the disc, checked it out (not a scratch or scuff), even cleaned it, and put it back in. It locked up once again. Eventually, if I let it sit there, it would try to go on, with dropped audio, and lock up again.
    My player is a Pioneer DV-525. I let one of my friends borrow it to try it on his PS2. It won't even play chapter 6, just gives a black screen. I let my other friend try it on his Pioneer DV-333, and it plays it and locks up in the same place as mine. Though, it still tries to move on, but with massive pixelation, and then it just locks up again.
    Last test, I threw it in my DVD-ROM drive (Pioneer 16X IDE). It locks up at the very beginning of chapter 6.
    Now, this is nowhere near the layer change. We just did a time search and skipped ahead about 30 seconds into chapter 6, and it worked fine throughout the rest of the movie, DTS audio and all.
    Anyone else now having problems with this title? Also, is there some kind of email contact at Fox that I can contact about this (and hope for a replacement [​IMG]. I checked their site, but the only email contacts for support are concerning their online store. I also did a search on the forum for Fox, contact, email, Cleopatra (hoping to find something regarding this discs replacement) to find any kind of contact information and came up emply.
    I sent off an email to just to humor myself to see if they would still exchange the disc, as it's been almost a year since I bought it.
    I'm just curious is anyone else is now having problems of any sort with this disc, or if it's just an isolated incedent and I'm the unlucky one.
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    I have never had this problem on my Toshiba 3108. The times I have seen this phenomenon, it is usually due to a dirty disk or scratch. One time, one of my older players had a laser problem (had to replace optical unit) and it would have trouble reading the second layer of an RSDL disk. I don't think you have this problem if this is an isolated incident as most disks these days are dual layer RSDL. Try cleaning the disk. A CD cleaner works for me.
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