Precision Power DCX-1000.4 wanted to trade 4 home amp

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Tim Dogg, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Tim Dogg

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    Mar 4, 2004
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    I have a brand new Precision Power DCX-1000.4 im looking to trade for a 5 channel home amp of equal value.The amp is brand new and never taken out of its plastic wrapper.I bought it to upgrade my older ppi amps but recently got the home audio bug and rather have a home amp.I have the receipt so you still have your full warrenty.
    This amp is no joke and produces a ton of clean power.125x4 in 4 ohms and 250x4 into 2 and 500x2 in 2 channel bridged mode.The amp retails for $1000.00 but all trades are concidered.I also may be willing to add some money if values are different and or vice versa.Will also take offers to sell the amp.
    I have a 50+ positive feedback on e bay with no negatives.My e bay name is rockincaraudio.Please e mail me at [email protected] with any questions or offers or for pictures.You can also go directly to the precision power homepage for complete specs.
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    Feb 29, 2000
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    Do u have any 1-ohm class d amps?

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