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    Hi everyone, new to the forum! I just moved into a new house that was pre wired with two speakers built into the ceiling, as well as some wires coming out of the wall. Shortly there after I discovered 2 more wires bringing the total to 5 (7 if you include the 2 speakers in the ceiling). I was having my dish installed today, when the installer noticed seven coax cables in the wall behind my tv. He said this was for audio. It's been a while since I've had surround sound (except on my computer), and have never heard of using coax. Is this right? Is there one cable for each channel? Attached are a few pics for reference. If this is true can anyone recommend a receiver that would accommodate or the proper hardware. I'll be attaching a Dish 722 HD receiver, PS3 and Xbox 360. Thanks!

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    Technically, any wire CAN transmit an audio signal (it's just electricity), but I've never heard of anyone running F-Type terminated coax for each channel in a 7.1 system.

    Are you saying that you have a total of 7 two-conductor speaker wires (like the white ones in the pictures) coming out of the wall in roughly the right locations for surround sound, but the "other ends" of all 7 are nowhere to be found? The only other thing coming out of the wall are the coaxial cables (almost implying that they magically convert from one cable format to the other within the walls)?

    Are you sure the previous owner didn't use any sort of distributed video throughout the house? Maybe there are/were security cameras mounted outside? I can't imagine any installer using coax like that for anything other than video.

    Also, you really won't find any receiver with F-Type connections for speaker output.

    Very odd...

    My suggestion, simply enough, would be to "Look harder" for the other ends of both sets of wires, or to contact the previous owner and ask them...
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    I learned recently that you can terminate the coax with an RCA type plug that will be more compatible witht the typical receivers. I have found them at Lowes, They have quite a large selection of connectors there. You may want to talk to someone about the "how to's" when it comes to cutting/installing new connectors. There may several ways to wok this issue, just tell them what you have and what you are trying to accomplish.

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