Praise to Warner Bros. and Ben-Hur question

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Eric Huffstutler, Mar 5, 2005.

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    Eric Huffstutler
    Just wanted to praise Warner Bros. and the way they have more recently treated their releases! Though they were the first studio to jump on the DVD bandwagon, a lot of their early offerings were only acceptable. Boy has that changed! If my copy of "The Roaring Twenties" from their new Gangster Collection is an example of what's in store, they have come a long way baby! For a 1939 movie the transfer is breathtaking and in par with what I have always commended 20th Fox on... rock solid without gating, near zero pulsation, and extremely clean prints. With older movies the one thing that bugs and distracts me the most is gating and with "The Roaring Twenties" it would be very obvious since the intro has a marques border that stays in one place the entire time. Fox has been able to correct gating but Warner hadn't until recently.

    I am hoping that the new 4-disc "Ben-Hur" set coming later this year will use the same method as well as color correction. And the 1925 silent version to be included will also receive the same treatment. Will it?

    If only Warner Bros. would revisit some of their older catalog DVD releases and give them the same attention to detail as they gave their gangster Collection!!!! Keep them coming and I'll gladly double-dip to replace older versions.

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    okay. Now that we will get a new transfer of Ben Hur, how about giving us the original 1959 soundtrack, instead of this bad remix done for 5.1. The original is a six track and this can be recongifured for 5.1.
    Hell, it only won the Academy Award for Best Sound !!
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    I want that original mix *and* the proper framing of this classic title Regarding audio: directional dialog in tact preserving faithfully as possible the original discrete mix presentation (avoiding processing like "home theater" EQ adjustments etc., just give us the mix). Regarding picture: please don't blindly crop a 35mm print to achieve the 70mm AR.

    Those are two of the three reasons I will buy the new disc. The third is to get the original silent version of the film.

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