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Praise for Polk Audio (1 Viewer)

Mike LS

Supporting Actor
Jun 29, 2000
I just had to share a good experience I just had with Polk Audio's customer service.

I've got a set of Polk S-10 floor standing speakers that I've had for about 7 or 8 years (they were a couple of years old when I got them) and have been very happy with the sound they put out.

Recently, I had to move the speakers to vacuum the carpet in my HT and I heard somthing rolling around inside the speakers cabinet of one of them.

I took the passive cone out of the cabinet and noticed a piece of the crossover was loose in the cabinet.

I hadn't noticed any degradation of sound in that speaker, so I was kind of suprised that it was broken.

I figured I was out of luck since the warranty had been up on those speakers for about 5 years, and I really didn't want to spend any money on them since I'm planning on replacing them eventually.

I emailed Polk customer service with my problem in the hopes that a replacement or fix would be cheap.

I got a response from Ken Swauger (I've dealt with him before with product questions....super nice guy) and he told me to send the piece to him and he'd fix it at no charge.

This was a pleasant shock, so I packed the crossover up and UPS'd it to Polk.....this morning, they had FedEx'd me a brand new crossover for that speaker!

I guess with the service and response I'm used to getting from electronics and speakers companies (other than SVS of course) I was truly shocked that a major player in the speaker industry would go that far and beyond the call to fix something that had just fallen apart from normal use.

Anyway, I just needed to share.....Polk may not make the best product out there, but they've got my business from now on.

Frank Zimkas

Supporting Actor
Mar 10, 2002
It's nice to hear a positive story about customer service for a change. Some companies fail to understand that good customer service translates into a customer for life.

Jeremy Anderson

Nov 23, 1999
I had a Polk CS175 center channel that started making a static noise at any decent level. Ken Swauger first sent me a replacement tweeter, and when that didn't fix the problem he sent me replacement parts for the entire speaker (tweeter, driver, crossover). Replacing the crossover unit fixed the problem. This was all done 2-day air at no charge. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the speed and accessibility of Polk's customer service.

When I decided to upgrade, I stuck with Polk Audio products all the way around.

Rich Stone

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 9, 1998
I've had similar success stories with Polk and as a result I have owned many pairs - still have some. They made me feel like such a loyal customer, when I upgraded from my RTA-11TLs to Thiel 3.6s I felt like a traitor! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend adding Polks to anyone's listening list.


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