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  1. Wes Nance

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    Jan 1, 2002
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    I have a Stryke Thunder 12.3 sub with the SAE1204 woofer in it, and 2 15" PR's weighted to around 1300g, tuned to around 21hz.

    My question is- when I built the sub, the only scale I had access to only rounded to the nearest gram. I have 2 opposing PR's on the enclosure. How close do I need to have them in weight? I think the sub sounds OK- it's in a dedicated basement theater room, about 20x15, low ceiling (less than 7ft) with carpeting over the slab. I don't get the floor response as my old room with a wood floor, but it's still pretty impressive. I have it eq'd with a BFD and a moderate house curve.

    Is there any reason to pull the PR's and match their weight with a more accurate scale? What would I notice if the PR's had too much of a difference in weight?


    Wes Nance
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    Wes, you are perfectly fine if you are within a gram of each other, in fact you could be off by more than one gram and it really matter much.
    You arent feeling it as much because it is much harder for the bass waves and vibration to travel through the concrete slab than a wooden floor in your old room.

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