PQ difference between RP91 and cheap Sony DVD Player?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Rich H, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. Rich H

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    May 22, 2001
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    Hi folks,

    I figured I'd get around to buying an RP91 DVD player after I buy my plasma screen. But in light of the fact that the Panasonic RP91 has apparently been discontinued, it looks like I might have to jump on one quickly even before I can buy my Plasma.

    My question is this: For the forseeable future I will be using my current TV, a several year old 27" Panasonic Tau.

    It has an excellent picture, but no composite picture inputs. (Stay with me, I'm just learning this stuff).

    Currently I'm using the fairly cheap (and somewhat infamously unreliable) Sony DVP-S360 DVD player.

    It's my first and only experience with a DVD player. I think the S360 picture is excellent, but then I've never

    compared any DVD players on my TV.

    So, my question: using my current Panasonic Tau TV set, am I likely to discern any picture quality difference

    between the the Panny RP91 vs the Sony S360? Anything at all?

    (As I understand it, my current set won't be able to take advantage of the RP91 progressive scan output. But I'm

    hoping that isn't the only factor, and that I'd see *some* improvement, even if minor, after inserting the RP91 into

    my system.)

    My Panasonic set has S-Video imput (which I currently use for the S360 input), RCA connectors for audio - one for video - and of course a BNC connector.

    Any info would be appreciated.

    Rich H.
  2. David Judah

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    I doubt you will see a dramatic difference with your current set, but if you plan on getting a HD set in the near future, most any progressive player will offer an improvement, and the RP-91, of course, is highly recommended here.

    You would also have DVD-Audio capability, if your receiver or processor has 5.1 channel inputs.

  3. Andrew Pratt

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    You will see a difference between the Sony and the panasonic but it won't be necessarily "better" Panasonic and Sony use different methods of generating a letterbox image from Anamorphic widescreen DVD's so Sony's tend to have a slightly smoother image where Panasonic's offer a sharper image...which is better is a personal preference. That said many reviews have commeneted that Panasonics generally offer very good colour and offer a good ballence between the soft images (Sony) and to much jaggies (Toshiba)

    One other point is your wording on the video connectors you have...Here's a brief list starting at the poorest quality to the best.

    Coax or RF this is the Coax connection that cable compaines and the like use. They have the screw on ends. You'll find these on Every TV but its rare to see them on DVD players.

    Composite is the single yellow RCA plug that's typically found on all VCR's etc Every DVD player has at least one of these

    S-Video is the next best video connector. Its plug looks like a DIN plug or keyboard plug. Its a round head with several pins on it. All DVD players offer this as do most newer TV's

    Component this the best video connection DVD players offer. These use three seperate RCA plugs for the Blue, Green and Red guns in your TV. In order to use Progressive scan you will need to use the component inputs on the TV and DVD player

    BNC are simply another form of connector that replaces the RCA plug on higher end gear and most professional gear. Since it locks in place it offers more protection then a simple plug on RCA plug.

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