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    I got my Radeon 7200. I got my DVI Cable. I got my Sony 51 Widescreen with DVI input. I downloaded PowerStrip.

    This is where I get stuck. I'm trying to follow the instructions posted here (http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=206854) and I'm confused.

    "Copy the entire Powerstrip timing parameters listed below, one resolution at a time. Then, in PS 3--display profiles--advanced timings--custom resolutions--user defined, click the paste button, which will add the copied values, and then click “add”. Or, you can enter the generic timing detail values manually in the custom resolution screen if you wish. Powerstrip will tell you if the display driver has accepted the new resolution. You may be promted to reboot first. If so, you will restart at your previous resolution, so you will have to manually switch to the new resolution. Enter the advanced timings screen and adjust as needed. Common first time tweaks include positioning and adjusting for over/underscan."

    I cut and paste each one individually, then click "OK". I'm back to the previous screen. The new resolutions are not listed in the "Display Profiles" menu.

    Does each one have to be set individually and "save as" individually?

    I'm sure I'm seeing this as far more complex than it should be.

    Please help.

    All I want is a clear big picture... [​IMG]

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    Hmmm...try asking the people on the AVS forum?

    Have you tried closing powerstrip first, editing the file(s), then re-running powerstrip?

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