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May 30, 2003
Hey guys, I've recently begun the fun journey of buying new speakers. My fathers 25 yr old ESS's have finally disintegrated and its time for an upgrade. I was really into the PSB Image line until I found the Totem's. WOW. I am now totally in love with these Hawk series. Now they were demo'd on some Simaudio Moon amps but I currently own a Marantz SR6200. The guy at the shop of course was giving me the big speech as usual about what the best stuff is and yada yada and how he's worried about underpowering them. If anyone has some experience with equal caliber speakers and receiver any information would be helpful. I just don't want to end up purchasing these babies and not be doing them any justice.




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Apr 18, 2003
Jason, I know of a couple of people that have had Totems. One was a relative. He instisted that although they were some of the most accurate and dynamic speakers he had heard, they were also some of the most inefficient speakers made because of the solid wood design and power was something these speakers needed in spades. He was using a Two channel amp for his rear Totems and a second two channel amp for his fronts. (he hates Center channels) Before he was using a Bryston 9B and was complaining untill he went with 2 two channel Moon's.

I was looking into buying a Bryston 3BST used off a person who just bought Totem Mani II's because the bryston couldn't give them enough juice in the higher and lower frequency ranges when listening to music at higher volume settings. The Mani II which were being powered by a high current Jeff Roland before weren't shining on the Smaller Bryston gear.

I don't personally own separates but those are two stories I've heard about the Totems. Personally I think the SR6200 was underpowered to begin with even as a stand alone AV receiver. So upgrading that will more then likely wanted if not needed.

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