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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Tracy_L, Aug 26, 2006.

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    Hi and thanks for looking

    Building my second theater, first time with a projector. I have bought a Monster MPHTS3500 power conditioner and would like to run all of my components thru it, including my projector. I am planning on having a dedicated circuit run to where my in wall rack will be (attic space behind that wall, so should be a fairly simple install). The Monster will be powered from this circuit from the attic space side of the wall. My projector is an InFocus In72. Haven't received it yet, but i assume that it will come with a short power cord to plug into a ceiling outlet.

    I would like to somehow power the outlet in the ceiling from the available outlets on the Monster. Anyone have any suggestions on the logistics of powering this way? The thought I have is maybe a m/m cord from the Monster to an outlet near the Monster that then runs to the ceiling outlet where the projector will be installed. That makes a total of two outlets in line to the projector. Anyone see any probelms w/this design?

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    I see a problem and that is the male to male power cord. This could easily short and could easily harm someone. I would install an outlet near the projector and run the wire back to the power conditioner but instead of terminating at a box just put a male plug on the end to plug into the conditioner. Note: I am not an electrician so I don't know if this would violate any codes.

    Personally I wouldn't bother plugging the projector into the conditioner but would instead plug into a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) this way if your power goes out while watching movies the projector will stay on long enough to be switched off and properly cool.
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