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Nov 1, 2017
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Martin Dew

Powerful Upgrades for Klipsch Reference Speakers

Last week, Klipsch announced the availability of its next-gen flagship Reference speakers, the RF-7 III floorstanders and the RC-64 III center channel. This new line comprises enhanced versions of the acclaimed Reference II series, and are priced at MSRP $1,799 ea. and $1,499 ea., respectively.

According to the company, a new 1 3/4" titanium compression driver, with enhanced phase plug geometry, improves sound pressure linearity at high frequencies. A 'Tractrix' horn also improves high frequency response and extension, while enhancing imaging and dynamics. Meanwhile, proprietary 'Cerametallic' woofers minimize distortion, and promote ultra-high sensitivity and efficiency, when paired with the new horn design.

Both speakers feature heavy-duty cast aluminium frame woofers that eliminate resonance, and the cabinets are made from stylish wood veneers, available in black ash, cherry or walnut. These options are complemented by the RF-7's slanted riser base design, enhancing both the appearance of the speaker, and an upward angle allowing more direct sound to arrive at the listener.

With a frequency response of 32Hz - 25kHz +/- 3dB, and 250W power handling (1000W peak claimed), the RF-7 III floorstanding speaker includes a dual chambered enclosure design which results in its two 10" drivers and ports working 'independently of each other', providing improved linearity and minimized anomalies in the critical mid-range, and leading to a 'very articulate soundstage'.

The RC-64 III center channel incorporates four 6.5" woofers, two on each side of a Tractrix horn, and produces 'wide and even sound distribution' for performance 'exactly as intended'. Frequency response measures out at 57Hz - 24kHz +/- 3dB, and power handling at 200W (800W peak).

"These speakers have earned the nickname 'fire-breathing monsters' for a reason," claims Kerry Geist, product manager at Klipsch Group. "They are the best sounding audiophile speaker at this price point."

That might seem a tall claim by the company, but with its legacy of producing top quality pro cinema and residential speakers, combined with its consistently critically-acclaimed Reference lines, there's no reason to doubt it. (The RC-64 III is pictured below.)

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