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Powerbook upgrades and new Emac (1 Viewer)

Joseph S

Senior HTF Member
Dec 23, 1999
They also put out a new DVI-ADC converter and added a DVI port to TiBook. $150 (Same price as my Dr. Bott DVIator with a smaller form factor)

However, they are giving a $150 rebate if you buy a Titanium Powerbook and any Apple LCD display. Those new TiBooks are fantastic but after a fairly quick backup to 9.4GB DVD-RAM Media this weekend I'm still very satisfied with my Dual 500 G4 and not looking to upgrade.

The eMac is specialized for the typical dumb politician/ school board type. Save a hundred bucks now to save face and lose three hundred on resale when no one is watching.

Can't wait to see what they reveal for OS X.2 at the Dev. Conference next week.


Senior HTF Member
Feb 27, 2001
Yes, OS X.2 will be a juicey store hopefully. With them upgrading the PowerBook now, they have got to launch the G5 at Macworld NY this summer, I can't imagine them doing anything else, except putting G4s in the iBook.


May 24, 2001
I'm far more interested in the OS X update next week. :)
The hardware announcements weren't completely unexpected, though I was hoping to see CRT's (i.e.the eMacs) go the way of the dinosaurs. I'm interested to see the displays on the new TiBooks, since they have a substantial resolution boost (to 1280 X 854)
One hardware announcement I'd like to hear quickly is a new updated AirPort base station at a reduced price. Working at a firm with several hundred Mac users, I can say the allure of simple setup can't overcome the stiff price difference between the AirPort and other wireless hardware (Linksys, etc.) Most of the people I work with have purchased the AirPort cards for their home machines, but bought third party access points.

Scott Pagac

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 9, 2001
Here is just my opinion on what we might see:
I do not think OS X 10.2 will be ready for WWDC. Word on the grapevine is 10.1.5 first, followed by 10.2 later this summer (MacWorld maybe?). It would be nice to hear, however, that things got straightened out with MPEG-LA and Apple is ready to distribute QuickTime 6. Probably won't happen, but it is a nice thought.
Also, I don't expect G5 until late this year/early next year. There is still some life left in the newest revisions of the G4 (up to, and possibly beyond, 1.6GHz). If anything, I think you will see gradual hardware upgrades (DDR Ram, FireWire 2, faster bus, maybe USB 2, etc.) before the G5 is ready for prime time. Also, the iBook could use a G4, but WWDC is not known for its hardware announcements. We will have to wait and see what MacWorld brings.
Of course, Apple has been known to completely blindside users with new toys/features before anyone expected. :) On the other hand, Steve has also been known to tease us with new technology to watch us salivate, only to hold it out of reach for several months. :frowning: Only time will tell.

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