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Power consumption for HT (1 Viewer)

Simon Ngan

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Feb 19, 2003
I've received my "Kill A Watt" from SmartHome today and I'm surprised how little my HT is drawing through the Panamax 5300. I have absolutely everything plugged into the Panamax including all HT related wall-warts. Durning moderate volume (what I feel comfortable), it's drawing about 3.9 Amp - 4.1 Amp with everything turned on including the following:

a) Sony 34XBR800 34" TV
b) Sony DVP-850D DVD Changer
c) Sony CDP-CX350 CD Changer
d) Bell ExpressVu PVR
e) Sony JDS-930 MD Deck
f) JVC 9500U VCR
g) Sony TAE-9000ES Pre/Pro
h) Aragon 2005 200x5 5-ch Amp
i) ML Aeons
j) ML Cinema
k) ML Scripts

I have the ML sub plugged into a different outlet and the draw for the sub is about 0.15 Amp at idle. Again, even when I play some fairly low bass tone, it doesn't go up to much. Usually is around 0.17 Amp to 0.18 Amp max.

I'm hoping the figures I'm collecting are true. I've always thought I'm overloading the circuit. This would be good news if someone could confirm it.

Thanks for your help,


Bill Kane

Feb 5, 2001
Yes, rather amazing, isnt it?

I think that you haven't taxed your system for continuous "reference level" output, but not to worry. And in real life, not every component will be playing.

Others have reported drawing approx. 6 amp loads during fairly level DVD soundtracks, and peaking to 10A or 10.5A when heavy LFE hits the sub, using conventional spkrs.

Your electrostatic speakers may be the difference in that they are spozed to draw little incoming AC current into the primary xfmr when electrostatics then get hit with 4000-5000VDC from the secondary xfmr. OTOH maybe this is a push since electrostatics are described as LOW impedance which results in needing beefier amplifier power...

Come back with results after a "VOLUME" test session:D

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