power conditioners, yay? or nay?

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    Hi guys. I just bought my Aragon 2007 amp, and am about to buy an Anthem AVM-20 Pre-Amp. Very shortly after that, I will be upgrading to 7 Rocket Loudspeakers. My question is, should I be looking at getting a power conditioner? Will it affect the sound in anyway? Is it ok for Home Theater but maybe not recommended for 2ch? I dont see it making sense that some people spend hundreds of dollars on custom power cables, and then would plug into a power conditioners. Of course you'd want to upgrade your power outlet and ideally get your own circuit breaker to that outlet.

    But will power conditioner kill 2ch or home theater sound in high end setups?
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    Adam- You might want to check out the reviews at Secrets:


    I like balanced power for its ability to lower noise (uses common mode noise rejection, the same method used by gear with balanced interconnects). Better noise reduction than typical "filters", which can can actually *add* distortion to your AC line:


    Balanced power has also been shown to reduce jitter. I have an Equitech, which also has a CATV isolator. No more ground loops. Also has surge suppression, and turn on sequencing. 20A capable, so there's no power limitations. (It weighs 60 lbs!)

    Furman, BPT, Equitech, Smart Home Theater Systems, and even Monster has the 7000 now.

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