Post cereals ...... have free movie ticket in Canada

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  1. brentl

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    May 7, 1999
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    For my Canadian brothers(and sisters)
    keep your eye out for a bunch of Post cereal that have a free pass to a movie at Famous Players(Empire).
    Shreddies is the one I's good for an adult with a value of up to $13.25.
    The more "sugary" cereals ....Honeycombs, Sugar Crisp ETC all have childs coupons.
    Sorry for you people with a sweettooth[​IMG]
    Brent L
    P.s. On sale now at A&P for $2.99[​IMG]
    P.s.s. Not sure about the U.s. for this! Hey we got something you didn't .... nah nah nah:p)
  2. David Ely

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    Sep 1, 1998
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    Just wanna give a heads up that these boxes are getting nearly impossible to find! I've been fortunate enough to have picked up A LOT of these boxes.

    I would just like to ask something of people like myself who've purchased more cereal than they can eat due to this deal. Please donate the extra cereal to your local food bank. Don't let it go to waste!

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