Possible problem with tv?

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    Ok here is the deal. Everytime one of my stupid friends watches a movie with the reciever on and dvd player they dont turn it off properly. The turn it off in this sequence. DVD Player with reciever still on, then they turn off the reciever with the sound still on at about 20 or 21 level. The problem is when i turn my tv back on there is a purple blueish spot in the upper left. Does this have something to do with my reciever or the fact that my tv is 11 years old. The thing is this only happens to the tv when the reciever is turned off in that order. Someone please help. Thanks
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    This has nothing to do with your reciever. My TV exhibits the following behaviour:
    When I turn on the main switch, the TV powers up into standby and the screen is black with a little green blob in the middle. Now if I switch the TV on and then off into standby again the blob will be gone. [​IMG] It has been this way all the time I have had it (got it cheap from the shop because the previous owner got a replacement because it was in the workshop so long), even before I got a reciever or HT sound system. It can be corrected at a TV-tech I think but my friend (who is a TV-tech) says that it's not anything to worry about. My TV is a 28" Panasonic TX-28XD2E. It has been for repair once because of a blown capacitor in the powersupply (smells bad).
    I allways switch off the reciever first so that I avoid any spikes that may occur from the TV or DVD-player when powering down. This is the logical way to do it. I allways switch my equipment into standby before I turn them off completely.
    I just remembered. You can go to a TV-technitian and they will have de-magnetizing equipment. Do you have any unshielded speakers close to your TV?
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