Possible for Component video conversion to S-Video?

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    I'm starting to upgrade my audio/video equipment and I have a a question about component video and S-video outputs/inputs. My new DVD player has component video outputs as will my new home theater receiver (they both also have S-video). My NEC CT-2070S TV only has composite video inputs and a single S-video input. It's still a great TV, but I was wondering if it is possible or any if there is any advantage to using the component connections between my DVD player and receiver with the S-Video output from the receiver to the S-video input on my TV? Do any receivers convert the signal? Will the picture quality be any better than just sticking with the S-video connections?
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    Since your TV has just S-video and composite video inputs, you are better off using the S-video from the DVD player.
    Converting component to S' requires circuitry, not just a cable, and that circuitry is built right into your DVD player. (DVD video begins as component and is converted to S' and/or composite for the owner's convenience.) No use spending money for an external box (hard to find, too) to do that job.
    I do not know of any receivers with component to S' conversion built into them.
    Other video hints: http://members.aol.com/ajaynejr/video.htm
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    I'm pretty sure no receiver converts from component to s-vid. I have the Onkyo 696 which switches between s-vid and composite and that is still fairly new.
    Since your TV has composite and s-vid , just use s-vid.
    There would be no advantage for using component to your receiver and then composite OR s-vid to your TV. You wouldn;t get a picture.
    Good luck
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