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Nov 5, 2004
I need a little help with positioning. I'm a car audio guy, tryin to make a half assed HT setup. I'm in college, living in a rented house. I'm the "house manager" so along with it comes the largest bed room, which is supposed to be a basement living room.

i've drawn a picture in paint to help illustrate what the room looks like, and have taken measurements of the area. the room is 26' long x 14' wide. While sitting on the couch or recliner, my head is about 10' from the wall in the top of the drawing. while sitting at my desk, my head is about 13 feet from the wall in the top of the drawing.

now the equipment. I have a 27" tube tv, weighs as much as my jeep. I have two 12" drivers in ~1.65cf sealed enclosures each. The drivers are GR Research SW-12's, being powered with a Carvin DCM1000, providing each driver with 250 watts rms each. For a receiver, i'm running a Yamaha HTR-5280. Also have a sony dvd player and a sony ps2.

My towers and rear surrounds are by all means a crappy design. i used all dayton drivers, and pre-made crossovers. This was before i really sat down and read how important properly designed speakers were, but despite all that, they actually sound ok, minus the highs

this is a picture from my upstairs bedroom before i switched rooms, with a very temporary tv stand. the rear surrounds are the same driver but 5 1/4" and the same tweeter, but just a single.

i would almost rather keep the "rear surrounds" in the upper corners near the ceiling behind the tv because i cant seem to get any rear channel separation from the main towers, they all produce the same sound.

now, as for positioning, i've tried having everything facing directly back towards my bed, and in certain areas the bass is completely non-existent. I tried moving everything over to the right wall near the door opening, and everything sounds great, i just dont like where it is as far as watching tv.

I want to move it back to the front of the room, but i'm unsure how to place the subs to get as much sound as i am currently. Should i simply try facing the subs as i have them now, with everything else positioned facing the rear of the room?


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Oct 26, 2002
First, having two separate subs (unless they are placed directly next to each other) can easily cause phase problems resulting in almost complete loss of bass almost everywhere in the room if not very carefully positioned.* That being said, since even with one sub bass can act weird, trial & positioning of a sub is about the only way to find where bass sounds best at your regular listening position.

And the middle of a room is usually the worst place for bass for any type of system - that location is usually the site of a major "null" zone and IIRC not much can be done to fix that condition.

I'm not totally sure what you mean by this:
It almost sounds as if your rear channel speakers are connected to the Yamaha's "B" speaker outputs, which contain the same signals as the "A" outputs.

* also, if the subs ARE separated the subwoofer distance setting could conceivably make things even worse since the setting is designed for only 1 sub.

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