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Aug 11, 2001
I guess I'll post this in both forums...

I travel just about every day and I'm fed up with always having to try and find music I like...Switching FM stations because of limited reception.

I don't travel by car so I need a portable (With Speaker or speakers) so I don't have to use headphones.

Which one of the two competitors offer the best portable reception, I would be able to use an external antenna with a magnate for true portability.

I would prefer something lightweight, small (one speaker would be enough) not really after a big boom-box, something I can throw in my grip.



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Jan 9, 2003
unfortunately I don't think either company has a receiver that is protable with a built in speaker.

Sirius's first "live" portable is just coming to market and it's an MP3/WiFi/Satellite unit, so its not cheap.

I would say XM seems to have better reception of the two services, and if you are in an urban area you might be able to use an XM live portable (MyFi/Tao/Airware or Inno/Helix) without any additional antrenna. These units are designed to be used with heapdhones, but there are boombox as well as flat panel speaker docks for the MyFi style radio. That Is what I own, and I have a very nice little Altec Lansing flat panel speaker that will run the speakers off 4AA batteries while running the XM off it's built in rechargable so you don't kill the AA's

If you can get a RoadyXT unit, Belkin makes a fairly small boombox that the XT can dock in, and then you have the ability to dock it in the car or in your house as well.

that is the boom box for the Roady XT. Apparenly you can also get an adapter from the same website to adapt the Roady XT to work with a SkyFi boombox (though those would use D cell batteries and are likely the least fun to carry!)

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