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Portable DVD Player: Aspect Ratio Issue (1 Viewer)

Robot Porter

Apr 3, 2018
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I recently purchase an Ueme 10.1" portable DVD player. I got this one because it was one of the few such players that allows you to switch between 16.9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. Most portable DVD players will play 4:3 videos. But only in 16:9 mode, thus, stretching it.

This player cannot automatically sense a 4:3 DVD. But you can change to 4:3 via the "wide" button on the remote. And it does work.

But there's one little problem. There's a small sliver of black at the top of the screen when watching content in 4:3 mode.* Not huge. But enough to be distracting. There's no such black "gap" when watching in the default 16:9 mode.

I've seen this sort of thing on HD panels. And there's usually way to adjust this deep in the settings. No such luck here.

I contacted Ueme. I assumed there was a service menu I could access to make such an adjustment. They said there wasn't such a menu. But offered to send me a replacement unit, telling me I wouldn't have to send back the unit I had. In other words, they were giving me a second unit for free. Probably just to shut me up.

Because I got the second unit. It has the same problem.

Anyone know if there are service menus on these units? Because it really seems like one of those things that could be fixed with such a menu.

Thanks for your help!

(BTW, this could be a software issue. Because this player also allows you to watch video via a USB stick or SD card. And when watching video that way the unit has no problem recognizing 4:3 content and playing it properly. But that is utilizing different video player software.)

*When you watch a PAL DVD (or change the setting to PAL) the sliver of black disappears, replaced some of the bottom of the frame duplicated at the top.

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