Port plugs on SVS CS+ subs?

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    Mar 5, 2002
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    Does anyone have a 25-31 CS+ and use the port plug to get more extension? It looks like I am going to get a 25-31 CS+ and hopefully I will have enough spl's to run it with the plug in. From what I have read, it will then act like a 20-39. If anyone has this set up, do you feel like you are missing out on any of the really low stuff?

  2. CoreyH

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    Mar 19, 2002
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    Adding the port plug to your 25-31 would help your lower end, not hurt.

    With the port plug in, you'll lose a few db's, but it will act more like the 20-39, as far as the frequency range goes. If you are in a small/medium sized room, you should be able to compensate for the db loss when calibrating.

    I have a 20-39 cs+, and just added the port plug a couple of days ago, to see how I liked it. So far I honestly haven't been able to tell much of difference, once I adjusted my lfe level. I guess only time will tell.

    Anyway, it's really easy to install/remove the plug, so just play around with it, until you decide what sounds better to you.

    hope this helps,
  3. Tom Vodhanel

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    Hi guys,
    The added extension when using one port plug is really only going to be audible when source material drops under the tuning point of the sub(with all 3 ports open). With the 20-39CS+, that is about 20hz. So you might notice a little more "tactile" sensation on a few seconds of a few DVDs out there(Titan AE,TPM,Toy Story 2, ect)....but the rest of the time...it would actually be better to keep all 3 ports open. It never hurts to try things out in your own room though...that's why we included the plugs in the first place [​IMG]

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