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Dec 31, 2012
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Thomas steel
Hello All,
Does anyone understand the principle of Port Forwarding ?
I have a Digiview 4i CCTV system, which I can view on my Iphone at home, through my WIFI link, but cant seem to get port fowarding set up so as to access remotely, either external WIFI or 3G.
Every time I click on APPLY it tells me the name I have chosen is invalid.
My router is a Thompson Speedtouch ST585.
Thanks in anticipation !!

Gerald LaFrance

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May 28, 2002
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Gerald LaFrance
Hi Yes I am a Moderator over at Port Forward.com.. What is the make and model of your Modem?? To get this to work you will need to set the CCTV in either a Static IP or you if possible can reserve and IP in the Router.. See if your Router can Reserve an ip. if so go that route it will be easier..Once you have that done make a note of the IP it reserved for the CCTV.. Then goto the Port Forwarding section and input the required Ports needed for the CCTV. IT should state what ports it uses in the CCTV Manual.. Once you did that Point to the IP of the CCTV the one you reserved for it.. Then when you are at a Remote PC You will need to log in using your External IP which can be found by going here.. http://www.Whatismyip.com You will also need to setup a Password on the CCTV which you should be able to acces by the internal IP you reserved for it.. What name are you inputting?? is it in the Port Forward section?? Once you properly configured it you should be able to log in remotely..

Parker Clack

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Jun 30, 1997
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Port Forwarding is just logging into your router and telling which port you want to forward.

Let's say the IP address of your computer is and you want to forward port 9080 then
you would set that in your router (the instructions on how to do so should be in your manual or
readily available online). You would access that address by using To access
it remotely you will need to know the IP address for external access. This may be something
like and the port number would be the same i.e.:

Once your router is set you will also need to make sure the firewall on your PC is also set to
allow for inbound and outbound access using that particular program. You can have your router
set up to allow your port number but your firewall will stop it.

Hope this helps a bit.


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