Popping noise?

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  1. Joe_H

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    Jun 17, 2001
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    I have a popping noise that is coming from all speakers at random whenever the system is on. I just recently moved into a dorm and thats when the popping started. I have a sony STR-DE935 receiver, KLF20 fronts, KSP-S6 rears, SVS 16-46CS+. I think that the popping could possibly be due to power problems. I have 2 power strips plugged into one outlet (the same outlets with the fridge, tv, and computer, but I don't have any other options) The popping seems to be dependent on the volume control though. Is there anything I can really do to prevent this? If not, is it dangerous when it happens?

    Oh also, it tends that the popping is louder in the rear speakers when its in a surround mode, however, its only the front speakers when in a stereo mode
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    Mar 29, 2000
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    I had popping for a while. I noticed it only happened when I had my computer & monitor on. Switched it to another circuit and gone. Sounds like you have way to much on that line. The amp cant draw enough current.
    Turn everything off and see if it does it

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