Pop quiz: How do you recover W2K on a dual boot system?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Rob Gillespie, Mar 8, 2002.

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    This is a tricky one.
    W98 on C: (FAT32)
    W2K on D: (NTFS)
    C: partition gets trashed for *whatever* reason. Partition then gets recreated and formatted, ready for W98 to be reinstalled.
    The tricky bit:
    How do I recover the W2K boot loader menu so that the dual-boot works as before?
    I can see twenty posts coming my way, all screaming "Emergency Repair Disk". Yeah, tried that. It don't work.
    This is what I've tried so far (in order):
    1. Recreate and format Pri Dos partition on C:
    2. Boot from W2K CD, into recovery console and do a fixboot
    3. Boot from W2K CD again and do a recovery using the ERD.
    When done, the system doesn't boot - no ntldr. Copy ntldr from the W2K CD and try again. This time it complains about an unusuable boot.ini file, then moans about no ntoskrnl file.
    OK, so on the advice of others I've tried keeping a copy of boot.ini and copying it to C: along with ntldr, ntdetect and ntoskrnl. Still get the same error message.
    There has to be a solution to this (and it better not be 'reinstall W2K').
    Actually, this is just an exercise. I have the original W98 partition backed up with Drive Image, but I want to get a solution to this problem.
    The beer's on me if you get it working.
  2. Christopher Collins

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    boot to the win2k cd, at first menu press enter for setup, hit f8 on the licence to agree, windows will say you allready have a version of windows installed what do you want to do... hit R for repair... it will delete some files, then copy files and reboot. after the reboot it will do the normal setup stuff and ask you for some basic info... if it finds any hardware and asks for the disk , just hit cancle...keep going till you finish the setup, system should reboot into windows with all of your data intact and all apps still loaded... you might have to reinstall your sound or video driver but its not that big of a deal.

    this process will basically recreate the boot files on C which were deleted by the format.

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