Poor DVD ROM Performance?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Steve Young, Jan 2, 2002.

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    Steve Young
    I have a Samsung 12X DVD ROM Drive and I can't get it to read hardly any DVDs, if it does they are usually music DVDs for some strange reason? Also it won't play any of the DVD ROM only stuff included on most DVDs.

    My PC is as follows:

    AMD XP 1600+

    512MB Crucial 2100 DDR

    LiteOn 24102B CDRW (Master IDE 1)

    Samsung 12X DVD ROM (Master on IDE 2)

    Quantum 20GB 7200 (Primary Master IDE 3)

    60GB Maxtor 7200 (Master IDE 4)

    20 GB Maxtor 7200 (Slave IDE 4)

    I run WinXP Pro and I checked the properties of the Disk Controller it is on and it reads "Multi-Word DMA Mode 2", so I assume DMA is enabled?

    If anyone can help me out, or knows of a website on getting the best performance from your DVD ROM drives, please let me know.


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    sounds strange.

    what dvd software are you trying to use?

    and keep in mind that DVD-ROM features usually need to be used with the Interactual Player (new PCFriendly). I don't like having to use that thing, so I usually don't bother with any of the DVD-ROM features. The interactual player can usually be found on discs that have dvd-rom content. Star Wars Ep. 1 is one of them.

    Is the performance better for your DVD drive when trying to read CDROM discs, and ripping audio CDs? For its rated speed for reading does it compare pretty much with the CDRW read speeds?

    and you have just installed this drive, or have you used it sucessfully in the past?

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