POLL: How many of you seriously annoyed your neighbors?

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  1. Seung Kim

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    Apr 1, 1999
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    I do not know if anyone asked this question here. The other day, I was cranking Titan A.E. in DTS at a reference level for about 15 mins.
    Then *ding dong*. A police officer showed up on front of my door saying that someone complained about the loud sounds from my house!
    Please post your experience with your thy neighbors.
  2. Doug_H

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    Mar 21, 2000
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    I live in a duplex. Shortly after I started building my theater my neighbor who is a very close friend rang the bell to bitch me out. He thought I was a nut for spending money on anything more than a VCR. Anyway he sits down and catches about 1 minute of SPR and made me pause it. His jaw dropped and he has now spend a significant amount on his own theater. We don't really hear each other but we can feel the subs if we crank it.
    That is not the end of the story however. We both have duplexes next to us and we have driven them crazy. They catch the bass even worse in their homes. After some friendly complaints we agreed that we would not play movies at reference after 10pm during the week. A few weeks ago I installed a FPTV and had my window blinds up when the guy next to me came home. He could see the screen and came over. He sat down and watched about 1 minute of U-571 when he had me pause it. After picking his jaw up off the floor he asked if I could go out with him this weekend and help him get a starter system.
    At this rate I will have the most HT friendly block in the world soon.
    I do not suggest having a best friend next door who is also into HT. The need to out do each other is very costly.
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  3. Duane_T

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    Jul 30, 2001
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    My neighborhood is pretty good.
    I live in a duplex (1/2 for me, 1/2 for my sister). When I started the HT thing, she was interested and now has her own setup. Unless its keeping us from getting to work we don't complain about each other's noise.
    On our left is a duplex that has been going up for 6 years (with a burnt out house for four years before that). No problems there.
    A new duplex was put up on our right last year, and we haven't had any problems with them yet.
    Across the alley is an apartment building (across a very deep yard). Never any complaints there.
    The best part about the neighborhood is the bar. The bar is across the street, and three houses down. They have volleyball courts and stuff outside (including big speakers, playing loudly past midnight). It's been great, because all the neighbors are used to noise, so loud movies or loud backyard parties aren't really a problem. (Only had the police come twice in 10 years, both times because of to much noise past 5:00 a.m. - not from the HT)
    All in all pretty good.

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