Polk RTi12 or Paradigm Studio 100 V.3 based HT Setup??

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Dennis Gonzales, May 4, 2004.

  1. Dennis Gonzales

    Jan 26, 2004
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    Hello All,

    I need your input and help in developing my HT system..I live in Vancouver, B.C., so please understand that auditioning fair/properly hooked up systems are limited.
    My Toshiba 65HX93 arrived last month and now I'm in the stages of "studying" my options for some sound.
    I will be using the HT system 50/50 for movies and music.
    But I am stuck on two things, speaker setup and reciever/amp setup.
    First, I have been reading about the Polk RTI12s' earlier on and I decided RTi12/Csi5/FXi5 was the system I was going to buy (unauditioned). But last weekend, me and my other half auditioned a Paradigm Studio 60 based HTS with a subwoofer powered by a Denon 4802 reciever in Audio Video Unlimitedt, and that put smiles on both our faces!! :^) We however did not audition the Studio 100 as it was not setup. After we went to Futureshop auditioned the RTi10/Rti8 system hooked up to a $800 Harmon K. sound was alright but did not havve the same impact as the Paradigm/Denon we demoed earlier. So I need all your help ass I will also help myself my auditioning more systems..
    Here are my options for now..Should I go with:

    Polk RTi12/Csi5/FXi5 speaker system.
    Paradigm Studio 100s/CC-570/ADP-470 speaker system.

    Above speaker systems would be driven by either:

    Denon 3805 or Onkyo 989ver2 with an option to biamp fronts with Bryston 4B SST.
    Onkyo Tx-NR1000 reciever. ( When it comes out)

    ...and I think a SVS sub will come later on.

    So if you all can help me decide on the most performance for the $$$$ spent ie "the most bang for the buck", I will surely appreciate it!

    Many Thanks,


    P.S. To the Moderator, is it Ok to post this thread in the Reciever section? I really need everyones help...Thanks!
  2. Frank Zimkas

    Frank Zimkas Supporting Actor

    Mar 10, 2002
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    Tough call, there really is no posssible way for anyone to know which is going to sound good to you. The only way to be 100% certain is to audition the gear your considering in your home. I know it's not always possible to do, but you should check with the retailers in your area and see if they can set up an in home audition for you. My experience has been that the larger stores aren't as agreeable to this as the smaller independant stores are. You may have to buy the systems and return the stuff you don't want. Obviously you need to make sure the retailers have a 100% money-back refund policy.

    Bottom line....Your Money, Your Ears, Your decision.

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