polk RM6000 speakers with AVR 520

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by mouli, Mar 24, 2004.

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    I have a Herman Kardon AVR520 hooked up to polk RM6000 speakers. The problem i face is that the output of my center channel is very poor. I really have to bump up the volume sometimes to make sense.In fact while playing DVDs the dialogue part seems to be delivered only to the center channel and makes it worse.If i bump up the volume, any sorround effects hit a high decibel level.So, it becomes a cat22 situation for me. For better dialogue i need to bump up the volume but that is too much when there is good music or sound effects. Any suggestions/help here would be very useful.
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    Have you calibrated the system using test tones and an SPL meter? What you might want to try is simply bump up just the center in your speaker level settings if the condition persists after calibration. Also, try moving the center around to find a better position, as placement has a large role in how a speaker sounds. Your center should be flush, or even hanging over whatever it is sitting on, so that it does not reflect directly off the surface of it's home.

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