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Polk PSW 650 Dual 10" Subwoofer (1 Viewer)

Westly T

Second Unit
Oct 5, 1999
*** SOLD ***
I have a Polk Audio PSW-650 dual 10" subwoofer for sale. It has a performance warranty good through October 2006 and it is transferable at no charge (The Good Guys). HTF Price is $345 plus shipping or local pickup. Shipping is likely around $50. It has a black oak finish. Payment via Pay Pal.


Available for a limited time only(going on ebay soon, available until I receive a bid).
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Westly T

Second Unit
Oct 5, 1999
Info from the Polk Page:
If you're looking for clean, high output bass in your mid-sized to large room (and who isn't?), this is the perfect powered subwoofer for you. Its massive dual 10" drivers pound with nearly 50% more surface area than a single 12" driver. The PSW650 delivers all the power and gut-rumble you expect from a home theater sub, and is also fully capable of conveying all the depth and musicality of a plucked string bass. Quite nicely, we might add. It also gives you the control you crave. Its volume, crossover frequency and phase controls allow you to fine tune it to match your room, and your taste. And the inclusion of both line level and speaker level inputs allow easy hook-up to any system.
Two 10 inch direct radiating subwoofer drivers -- nearly 50% more surface area than a single 12" driver -- for deep bass, smooth response and low distortion
Dual Power Port bass ports for deep bass and high acoustic efficiency with low distortion
High current power amplifier (165 Watts Continuous, 250 Watts Dynamic)
Subwoofer volume control, variable crossover control and phase switch allow you to optimize performance to match your audio system, room acoustics, and program material
Auto on/off circuit that automatically turns your subwoofer on when it senses a program signal. When no signal is present, the amplifier turns off within 15 minutes
+3dB bass boost switch provides increased output when connected to electronics with low output subwoofer output jacks
Unfiltered LFE input for use with low pass filtered subwoofer output jacks
Speaker and line level inputs
80Hz High-pass filter on both line level and speaker level outputs
"The PSW650 is flat-out the most impressive subwoofer I've ever auditioned, whether for home theater or music. It's so powerful in its reproduction of bottom-end special effects, it could probably stun a terrier at 10 yards, yet it's capable of producing tight, tuneful music when Paul Chambers walks his acoustic bass behind a Coltrane solo."
OnHomeTheater.Com, February 2002
"The Polk PSW650 is a great-looking, great-performing powered subwoofer...It's a darn good subwoofer and an excellent value."
Richard Hardesty, Widescreen Review Subwoofer Buyers Guide Fall/Winter 2000

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