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Polk LSi and funky room layout (1 Viewer)

David Strand

May 10, 2004
I am debating getting a setup consisting of LSi-15s in the front, LSi-center, and I'm having trouble deciding between the LSi-7s or the bipole/dipole LSi-F/X set. See the attached pic (think backwards, pic is taken from the TV spot ;) ):

edit: Ok I was trying to post a pic here, but apparently I can't do that until I have 15 posts. Paste into your browser if interested:

As you can see, the best option I see at the moment is mount the rear right to the wall, and hanging the rear left from the catwalk. I'm a little concerned that the left will be near it's respective left wall, and the rear right will be right near a half wall; will that interfere with or screw up the sound from bipole/dipole speakers? Also the rear right will have a wall directly behind it where the rear left will not.

I really haven't settled on the Polk's yet either... also debating the Axiom's. I've been trying to wait for my local Tweeter to get the polk's in so I can give them a proper audition, but I won't be able to hear the Axioms. Any suggestions here? I'm getting antsy!

Frank Zimkas

Supporting Actor
Mar 10, 2002
Based on your photo I'd suggest using the Polk LCi series in-wall speakers mounted in the ceiling below the catwalk. The are the in-wall version of the LSi series (same tweeter).

The Lsi's are incredible speakers that live up to the rave reviews you've probably read here and elsewhere. I'm slightly biased though.:)

Keep in mind that they are rated at 4ohms nominal and will need a generous amount of power to really get the maximum performance out of them.

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