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Polk Audio LSi series Home Theater

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Josh Parsons, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Josh Parsons

    Josh Parsons Auditioning

    Apr 10, 2006
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    Hello all I am new to the whole Home Theater scene, but am starting to get very obsessed with it LOL! I think that I've got my entire system (except for the TV) picked out and would like to know what a professional thought. First let me tell you my current system:

    Onkyo TX-SR503 Receiver
    Pioneer CS-G9001 Front Speakers (factory sub blown; installed Kicker CR-12 8ohm)
    Polk Audio CS 1 Center Channel
    Paradigm Cinema surrounds (mounted behind my couch in the corners on corner shelves about 1" or so from the ceiling)
    LG DVF 9900 (w/Monster Fiber Optic Audio Cable)
    Playstation 2 (w/Monster Lightwave 100 PS2 Fiber Optic Audio Cable)

    And this is what I've picked out:

    Outlaw Audio 990 Preamplifier / Processor
    Outlaw Audio 7700 Amplifier 300 watts x 7 @ 4ohms
    Polk Audio LSi 25 Front Speakers
    Polk Audio LSi C Center Channel Speaker
    Polk Audio LSi FX Dipole/Bipole Surround Speakers
    Polk Audio LSi 9 Bookshelf Rear Surround Speakers
    Polk Audio PSW 1000 Subwoofer (maybe 2 of them)

    I'm gonna mount my surround speakers on the sides at eye level and the rear surrounds behind me at eye level.

    As far as cables and wires go:
    Monster THX everything. Subwoofer cables, component video cables (whenever I get a HDTV), 20 foot THX front speaker cables, THX center channel cable with banana connectors, 500 foot of monster thx wire with banana connectors, monster power home theater reference HTS 5100 MKII power center, monster power sw 200 stage 1 subwoofer power center.

    And that's it I think LOL. Sorry so long but I'm trying to let you know EXACTLY what kind of a set up I'm working with. OH yeah, all of this is gonna be in a room (temporarily) about 16' x 40'. Please tell me what you think, suggest anything, add something, take something away, change something. Please, I'm open to any good or bad criticism.
  2. John Garcia

    John Garcia Executive Producer

    Jun 24, 1999
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    Eye level standing or when seated? If eye level when standing, should be OK. For the rears, ear level when seated is fine; that's how I have mine (5.1 only).

    I would definitely skip the Polk sub, and opt for something from HSU or SVS. Much better bang for your buck. If you opt for a better sub, I'd also consider stepping down to the 15s instead of the 25s.

    I've tried most of Monster's interconnects, and I would also advise against going with them. For the money, you can do better. I would seriously recommend looking at www.bluejeanscable.com I highly recommend them. Quality stuff, no BS.

    For wire, Monster is fine, especially bought in bulk, but you can often find something that is equal or better for less.

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