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Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Jon_Liu, Apr 19, 2004.

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    Due to upgraditis, I am selling my old speaker array. I will mention if there is anything to be known about each speaker and their conditions.

    I opted for Axioms and therefore must sell all of my other speakers.

    I have:

    4x FXi30's All of which are in prime condition. I wall mounted them so they haven't been touched. My surround Back L/R channels were purchased within the last few months, so they are practically brand new. My Side Surround L/R I've had for nearly a year now, and have always been wall mounted and out of the way of anything (anyone). Asking $200 shipped for each pair (2x)

    2x R40's (mains) the grills that originally came with it covered the port holes at the bottom causing the cloth grill to flap if frequencies got low enough. I cut the bottom portion of the grill to allow the port holes to breath. Other than that, these speakers are in prime condition. Asking $150 shipped for the pair

    1x CSi30 (Due to a very careless nephew) this speaker received a dent in the back, bottom right corner. Has not changed the sound of the speaker at all, and if placed on top of a TV, you won't even be able to tell it's there (especially since the ding is in the back corner). Asking $150 shipped due to condition.

    If purchased all together, I will part with them for $600 Shipped.

    Email me at Atydbwl@hotail.com or PM me here at the forum!

    Thanks for looking and your interest!
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    wow, wish I had $600 right now that's a very nice price.

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