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  1. Andre F

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    Dec 9, 2000
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    Just wanted to see if anyone here besides me is into Pocket PC gaming. If so, please list some favorites. Here are my top three...

    Lemonade Inc
    Baseball Addict
    High Rise
  2. Jeff Peake

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    Jul 12, 1998
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    I picked up an iPAQ 3955 a month ago, and have been pretty disappointed with all the games.

    I bought Tennis Addict, and it was OK. But the graphics are crap on pretty much all the games, and control is difficult.

    I did try out the Argentum demo and found it to be passable. It has the best graphics of any PPC game I have yet seen.

    Solitaire gets more playtime than anything. Bust-em is also pretty good, in fact I think bust-em is the best non-card game I have. Graphics are good, control with the stylus actually works well. Give it a shot if you like breakout style games.

    I guess gaming on the PPC just isnt for me. I play alot of PC and XBox games. The PPC doesnt do it for me.

    I do like the PPC in general. I like finding useful, cheap software at pocketgear or handango. Agenda Fusion is great. I also bought ThemeKing to manage today screen themes. Think that cost $6. I did spend $30 for the Resco Utility package (good file explorer, zip file util and picture viewer).


    iPAQ 3955, CF+ sleeve, 256MB SD card, 340MB microdrive

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