PLV-60 Placment?

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    I'm trying to decide where to position a Sanyo PLV-60 projector; near the ceiling or near the floor, and how far from the screen. The Projection Calculator by Projector Central gives a range of 10.5 ft to 13.1 ft. At which end of this range is it preferable to place the projector?

    For table mount, how far below the bottom of the screen, or for ceiling mount how far above the top of the screen, can the optical axis of the projector be placed without suffering degradation due to using too much keystone correction?

    Laying out my room is more complex than I anticipated.

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    Can you give a few more details about your room.
    How far above (or below) will the projection surface be located relative to the optical axis of the projector?
    With the lens shift, you can have the projector a few inches below or above the screen without using keystone correction.
    The placement of the projector within your range is more a matter of how you would like the projector relative to your seating position. It is a little louder behind than in front of the projector. The image will not be noticably better or worse within your range.
    Please email me at [email protected] and I can give you a few more details.
    Good Luck,

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