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Apr 28, 2003
yes , i am a newbie to home theater system in a box. i was wondering if you guys can help me find a home theater in a box that is atlest between 200-330watts of power and under $230. i also want to hook up my dvd player, xbox system, and other home audio hardware, so i can have surround sound. pls help

also, when i was researching for a home theater in a box, i checked out this RCA RT2350 is this good enough for my xbox and other home audio hardware to plug in, so i can have a surround sound. and does player a dolby digital 5.1 surround or is it about the same.

pls rate it between 1-10 thank you.

Jack Briggs

Senior HTF Member
Jun 3, 1999
David, run a search in this section as well as the Receivers/Amps section to find info on HTiBs. Audio/Video Sources also contains a number of posts/threads about all-in-one systems.

But the real reason I am responding to you is to disabuse you of the notion of "200-330 watts" of power from these concoctions. Such inflated figures are arrived at disengenuously, usually with the included receiver being driven into 6 ohms and measured at 1 kHz with only one channel driven and then multiplied by five (for five channels). Don't be misled by such egregious power claims.

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
Yep, power output claims are all non-standard bullpoo anyway. Ignore them. Search here, read and get a feel for reputation of quality. It will serve you better than an Aiwa huck of junk that touts 400 watts.


Barry BB

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 28, 2001
In all honesty $230 will not buy you anything that you could put into the "decent" category. You should think about holding off until you can get up to the $500 to $600 range. Then you are in Kenwood HTIB or JBL territory which are both excellent low end set ups.


Stunt Coordinator
Jan 10, 2003
I would suggest staying away from the RCAs at any costs. They have a reputation of making poor quality products (I can attest to that first hand..I had an RCA HTiB that the receiver was fried after about a month's use and it was unfixable). I would do as it is suggested here and save up a little more money and go for the Onkyo or Kenwood setups. Or you could do what I did, buy a Kenwood 6050 receiver (onsale at BB for $229 this week), a set of Onkyo refurb speakers from their website ($180 shipped), which are highly recommended in this forum (they were supposed to have cosmetic damage, but I couldn't find any damage), and go for one of those sub $100 DVD players (I got a Toshiba for $77 at Sears), so for about $400 you could get a relatively good system for starters that you can upgrade when you get more funds. Of course if what you have is the limit of your funds, get the receiver and a set of inexpesive speakers to start and slowly build up...

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