please say it ain't so! Possible, probable, burn-in.


Feb 19, 2001
Hi guys, I am here hoping against hope that all is well.

Here is my story.

Toshiba 65H85 CRT RPTV.

I was watching Superman returns and all of a sudden during the credits I noticed the white lettering got whiter at the edges of the TV. In other words it looked like the lettering on the 4:3 middle portion of the TV was closer to Ivory/(very slightly)yellowish and then bright white once it hits the sides, especially the left side.

So I put in the matrix reloaded and went to the scene where he enters the room where the architect is, to get an all white screen and there it was. Looks like a yellowish band coming down about 4-5 inches thick. it's not very obvious, my wife has not noticed it. But it's definately there.

Could it be anything other than burn in?

John Stone

Supporting Actor
Aug 5, 2001

It sure sounds like it. I have a 53" Panasonic RPTV that's about 4 years old and I just noticed the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago while watching "Ice Age 2", which has a lot of white in it.

My wife and I have always been careful to never leave the TV on a non-widescreen channel unless we were actively watching 4x3 material. Unfortunately my wife watches quite a bit of 4x3 programming, and I guess that took its toll over time.

I consider it a lesson learned, and used it as an excuse to upgrade: My new 61" 1080p Samsung DLP will be delivered Tuesday. No more worries over burn-in, and I'm already feeling better.

Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
You will need to run more tests to see the extent of the discolored area.

Is the 4 to 5 inch strip where bright features of video games were when you played, or where stock tickers or the names of sports teams and members were consistently shown?

For an RPTV, keeping the contrast around a third of maximum or less should prevent screen burn.

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Feb 19, 2001
well I have had the unit less than a year. Watch mostly HDTV and DVDs. All movies are OAR and aside from Wizard of OZ twice all movies were 1.78:1 or higher.

Now there IS SOME 4:3 viewing but really minimal. Mostly kids stuff like Dora, Blue's Clues and family channel stuff. Wife's Dr Phil and E.T./Insider is the bulk of her viewing.

so max 30% is 4:3.

X-Box games represent lass than 10% and mostly 16:9 stuff except for mario cart on an N64 Emulator.

there are NO static images. I don't watch sports (I know, the wife loves it), no weather channel or checking stock or shopping channels.

TV was set to "preference" on day one. No Sports or standard or even movie mode for this baby. DOn't remember EXACT figures but definitely contrast and brightness are below 50 out of 100. maybe even 40 and 42 respectively.

I am very careful, I have always known the risk of burn in. My last CRT RPTV was an Elite PRO-710 from Pioneer and I was NOT as careful and when sold it after 2-3 years of usage there was NO trace of burn-in. Back then even TV on DVD was mostly 4:3. I watched 5 seasons of X-Files, Star Trek and more. Now even TV stuff consists of smallville and Alias all 16:9

Could a badly made TV be more prone to burn in?

Could this discoloration be something else? I mean WORSE CASE scenarion 4:3 is 50% of viewing but 50% 16:9 should have covered it. Maybe some 2.35:1 squeezed in there but no burn in of the bars at top and bottom.

Heck I still have a Pioneer 46" 4:3 TV that with over 10 years of 50% 16:9 viewing still has no burn it.

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