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Doug Taylor

Feb 9, 2002
I'm buying a 40" Sony direct view XBR and want to add new speakers.

I'll be working with a new Pioneer VSX-45TX (or similar) receiver and wish to purchase 2 front, 2 back, 1 center channel and 1 subwoofer. I'm looking at a budget of about $2500 and will be using the system primarily for TV & DVD.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you



Nov 21, 2001
Speakers are perhaps the most reliant on personal taste of all audio gear. For instance, some absolutely love the brightness of Klipsch speakers, whereas others get a headache from them. So, my recommendation would be to listen to as many speakers as you can within your budget, preferably using the Pioneer receiver, and to then make a decision based upon your listening preferences. I'd definitely listen for quite a while as some of the same sonic characteristics that you might at first enjoy might begin to annoy you after prolonged listening. I'd also make certain to listen to how the speaker's sound with two channel sources, using software that is very familiar. Be analytic in your listening. Listen for things such as sound stage, how natural the voices sound, the definition and tonal fidelity of instruments such as piano and percussion, etc.

As far as the specs of the speakers, the most useful ones are sensitivity and their resistence, usually in 4, 6, or 8 ohms. The SPL's of speakers double every three decibels of sensitivity. For instance, a speaker rated at 90 decibels will have double the SPL at the same wattage as one rated at 87 decibels. An amplifier would have to have double the wattage to raise the SPL's three decibels.

As far as the resistence, 8 ohms is easier to drive than, for instance, 4 ohms.

But above all, listen for yourself. You'd be surprised at how quickly you'll be able to identify speakers that suit your fancy.

And........it's fun too. ;)

Myo K

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 27, 2003
for a different type of sound stage check out the mirage omni series.


fronts - omni 260 = $1000
rears - omni 60 = $600
center - omni cc = $400

total = $2000

and that leaves 500 for a sub of your choice.
cht 15 velodyne? or the 12?


fronts - omni 60 = $600
rears - omni 50 = $400
center - omni cc = $400

total - 1400
that leaves you 1100 dollars to spend on a svsub ;)

Myo K

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 27, 2003
doug, i would also advise you to pick up the new sound and vision magazine, they have a blow out buyers guide article for 5.1 speakers sets by every audio company imagineable. with full price information, speaker specifications and website addresses of all the audio companies.

this should prove to be an invalueble reference for you in shopping 5.1 speaker sets.

Alex Dydula

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 1, 2002

I spent around $1800 for a really great set of speakers from Dahlquist.

I bought them from Marc at the Audioshop in Ottawa, Canada.

Link Removed

DUE to the US Canadian dollar differential and NAFTA , NO VAT, 2 day fedex it was a great deal. Double Boxed. EXCELLENT SERVICE. Many Reader of these forums have done so.

On the sound side, The speakers are really good. Very awesome for HT and DVD.

I bought the largest floor standers. the QX10's , and these are NOT that big in physical size. About 38 inches tall and very slender. I have two of their largest bookshelfs for the rear surrounds, the QX6's. One QX60C center and one QX20R for the center rear (i uses 6.1). Set up for Bi-Wire/Bi-amp.

For 2 channel stereo they are very accurate, really snappy tight bass, NO boomy at all.Instruments and voice are done very well.

I have owned mega buck speaker in the past, (Mirage M1-s, Magnaplanars) etc and these hold up very well in comparision to these except for the really low end. I added, of course a Dahlquist QX152 sub woofer, and it too works well with the system.

Gud luck!

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