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    I need immediate advice from someone if possible. A while back I posted about pre-wiring my new home. I got some great advice and told the new home manufacturers what wiring I needed (KB Homes). One of the Forum members recommended that since I will have an upstairs dedicated HT, plus pre-wiring for speakers in the ceiling throughout the house and a smaller HT downstairs in the family room. He suggested that I run cable from my upstairs HT to the downstairs HT so I can send audio signal to the downstairs. He recommended that I run 20/4??? so I can later convert it into stereo RCA cables after I move in. The thought was that the whole house would be able to hear the same musical source and I have the option of hearing the source through the downstairs stereo also. The Downstairs HT will also run my future outside speakers.
    The subcontractor just called and said that 20/4 is alarm wire and would not work for this purpose. What wire should I run? Please advise and email me back.
    Of course I want to keep costs down since they are nickel-and-diming me to L!!
    Michael Botvinick
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