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Please point me towards the best tv review sites...... (1 Viewer)

Daniel Becker

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Dec 31, 2002
I cannot believe over 50 people have looked at this thread and not one person can list some reviews sites for televisions.



His Own Fool
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Aug 18, 2001
The BK
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Maybe the problem is that nobody knows of a truly good TV reviews site. :D I certainly have never found one all that good/comprehensive/up-to-date and completely free anyway. The above mentioned sites are all lacking in too many ways to be recommmendable as "best TV reviews sites".

If you're a newbie on a budget and don't mind putting in a little work, you're most likely best off doing your research in these forum sites (for maybe a month or two) PLUS comprehensive knowledge sites like Keohi (http://www.keohi.com/keohihdtv/index.htm) before setting out to shop for your new TV.



Nov 29, 2001
Man got it right, personally the opinions of people here are better than any review site i have ever seen. in general the people here are more knowledgable, and you know your getting opinion, but some review sites will state opinion as fact, lus you cant ask the review site fro more info like how a set was set up.


Feb 11, 2003
This one is pretty good.


The CNET and Epinions sites are also good, but not used as much as I thought.

Just some ideas, but I agree, the forums are the best source. I've been searching for and looking at big screen options for almost two years now and I've finally gotten to the point, budget permits, where I can ACTUALLY buy one. One thing to keep in mind; TV's are alot like computers in that, just when you think you have the fastest, most feature laden, up to date model, something new in the fall lineup makes it look outdated and makes you feel that you paid to much. This is from personal experience I'm sad to say. You have to look at:

Size: Will it fit in my living room.

Size again: Is my viewing distance going to be too close for the size screen that I "think" I want. Show rooms can be deceiving.

Budget: Will the kids go hungry? You have to have the power "turned on" to watch this new tv.

Signal source: If you're using rabbit ears instead of a really good source such as digital cable or satellite, maybe a 36 inch or smaller is best for now.

Sources again: How many inputs will I need? DVD, Sat receiver, VCR. Will it all run through my stereo receiver? Will I use the TV speakers or a surround sound setup? Where will the surround center sit?

Upgradeability: Is the TV I'm getting going to be future proof? We all can ONLY guess at what the future REALLY has in store. Obviously DVI-HDCP is the "going" technology, but what about fiber or even ultra high bandwith wireless? For now, however, DVI w/HDCP will be fine.

You also have to look at the review sites the same as movie reviews. Just because I liked "Old Yeller" doesn't mean that you will too. Go out to the local stores and look at the TV's. Try not to get caught up in the side by side comparisons though. It can be a daunting task and you will most likely not even want one of the damn things when your head starts to hurt from all the research. However, it will pay off I'm sure.

Good Luck,

Mike :)

Bill Will

Dec 26, 2001
If your planning on buying a set in the near future, I would listen to the people here :D & if you are getting a set I would say the 1st question to you is How Much Do You Want To Spend On A Set? & How Big A Set Do You Want? that usually narrows most of it all down.

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