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    Hey everyone. I just got a 27" Sony Wega and a Toshiba SD-3750 for my birthday. My main setup (52" hdtv, dvd, 5.1 receiver, etc.) is downstairs, so I am going to use this in my room.
    The thing is, I want 5.1 sound and I cant afford to buy a receiver. So I thought of getting a 5.1 card for my computer. Would it be possible to hook up the dvd player to the 5.1 card in the computer? Also, can anyone reccomend an affordable card that would do this? I really dont need anything fancy. Thanks a lot!!
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    Not sure I'm understanding you.
    A 5.1 sound card would handle the audio of a DVD.
    I don't know of a way to hookup a standalone consumer DVD unit to the sound card of a pc.
    I assume your asking this because your PC doesn't have a DVD drive?
    If so you can get the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card for $65 at, but then your video card would have to have tv-out.
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