Please help with switch 64 and Dish 6000 receiver setup!

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    First, let me get this off my chest: Dish customer service reps have no clue!! Ok, now that I am past that, what I need is some setup advise/suggestions.
    I have 2 dishes set up on my roof. I have a Dish 500 w1th dual LNB's for the 119 and 110 feed. I have another Dish 500 with one LNB which has only 1 out. I do not have another LNB with dual outs. My problem is this: As I understand it, I must connect 2 cables from each feed to the switch. However, for the 61.5 or 148 feed, my LNB only has 1 out. I tried to split the signal using an old splitter I had and that did not work. I tried using a swith 21 and that did not work either. Both times when I would "check switch", it would only recognize the "evens" on the 119 and 110 but both on the 61.5. However, I would get an "error 002" message when I tried to watch almost any channel.
    Is there something that I am doing wrong? Could someone please enlighten me with how to fix my problem? I almost wish I had not bought the 6000 receiver. Thanks
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